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Available in Multiple-Choice and "traditional" formats

Eleven Plus Techniques ::
Take a look at our: Eleven Plus Techniques and Practice Questions - this book explains how to tackle questions, save time and reduce errors!
  It also contains over 160 practice questions not found in any of our other Practice Tests.




Eleven Plus Practice Tests

AFN Publishing LTD specialise in the publication of eleven plus practice tests and other material to help children prepare for eleven plus secondary school selection tests.

Our publications are widely recommended by teachers and specialist tutors and have helped thousands of children to prepare for the eleven plus and private school entrance examinations.

Our aim is to provide the best eleven plus practice tests available and we regularly review all our publications to ensure that they are up-to-date and reflect the content and format of current examinations.

If you have any comments about our website or our eleven plus publications then please get in touch.



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